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Mission Briefing: A City Block

Mission:  Battle of Skopje

Overview: A covert agent for the Macedonian government carrying classified data through a dangerous sector of the city was killed when he was struck by a car. Government forces retrieved the body, but due to the highly sensitive nature of the data he carried, and the suspicion over moles within the ranks of certain units in the army, the government forces left the laptop case lying where it fell. While waiting for intelligence agents to arrive and retrieve the laptop, they've set up a small hummvee barricade to cordon off the spot. As a member of a rebel force encamped in the city, your mission is to secure that barricade long enough to retrieve the data. The nature of the data itself is unknown, but anything important enough to warrant that kind of protection must surely be valuable.

Battle Plan: Starting from your base camp in the city, your approach to the government data will unfold in two stages. Stage 1, via attack routes alpha and bravo, will take you to a juncture at Central Avenue where you can expect to engage government soldiers in force. Route alpha might be the best choice, with a parking lot giving you tactical flexibility, though make sure to have units take route bravo as well, to counter a possible flanking maneuver from government forces. Stage 2 of your approach will take you to the data itself. You can either take route charlie, which will lead you around Southeast Circle directly to the hummvee barricade, or you can take route delta via Memorial Street and its accompanying park. You'll encounter more resistance via delta, but as with route alpha you'll also have more tactical flexibility until you reach South Avenue. As with Stage 1, make sure to have units take both routes to surround government forces defending the data. Once you've secured the data, a UH60 blackhawk helicopter (secured from a foreign ally) will enter the area and stop at a safe spot near your rebel base camp, where North Avenue meets Northwest Circle. Government reinforcements will inevitably arrive after the theft of the classified data, and we are not expecting our base camp to survive, so it is imperative that you make it to the safe spot and extract in the UH60. Keep in mind the term "safe spot" is relative, as there's no guarantee it will be 100% secure. We're up against a determined foe, so you must remain vigilant to the very end!


Intel:  Study the above reconnaissance material to familiarize yourself with the grounds you'll be covering. A word of caution about some of the bombed-out buildings in the area: an engineer on our side suspects at least one of them may be unstable enough so that a portion of it may be brought down by a sufficient explosive or high-caliber round. So stay on your toes around those ruins, it may just save your life.

Good luck!


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