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Mission Briefing: Silo

Mission: Silo

All right, gentlemen. As you know, our invasion is proceeding as planned. However, our intelligence confirms what we feared: the enemy has the ability to launch tactical nuclear missiles. I don?t need to stress the damage those missiles could do to our invasion troops if they were to be fired, let alone the havoc which would ensue if they were used for retaliatory purposes on our homeland. We have located their compound housing these missiles in the mountains and we need you to infiltrate this facility and disable the enemy?s launching ability at all costs.

Mission Objectives: There are two ways to prevent the missiles from being launched. The most obvious one is to fully take over the complex by eliminating its garrison, as well as possible reinforcements that could arrive shortly after the attack. This method however has the highest possibility for severe casualties. This is why another approach may be used. In order to launch the missiles, a CD containing encrypted codes must be inserted into each of them. This CD is stored in a laptop inside the command center (I?ll detail the complex layout later). There is no copy of this disc in the base, since multiple copies mean higher risks of having one stolen and used by ?wrong hands?. This is our chance to disable their warheads: we steal the CD, they need to get a replacement one from their central headquarters, and by the time this happens, our invasion will be over. If you chose this approach, make your way to the command center, extract it (with the help of a specialist if need be), and return to one of the two insertion points located outside of the facility. Once the CD is in your hands, it is vital that the enemy doesn?t recover it, therefore, provide any cover necessary to the man who is bringing it to our trucks. A last note : the enemy has an alarm system that will warn them when the silo's have been entered, so know that they will be expecting you as well from which direction you are attacking.

Location Layout & Equipment Recommendations: The complex is made of three underground silos, all connected together as well as to a central command center. This room is where our objective is located.

On the surface, you will find several secondary facilities for the installation personnel. Although those will probably be locked, they will provide some cover for you and your men in case the enemy tries to ambush you before you enter the silos themselves. Each missile silo also rises slightly above the ground, which can serve the same purpose of cover. Remember to be careful though, because the enemy is well aware of this as well, and may use this surface layout to their advantage to lay ambushes both on your way in and on your way out of the complex.

However, once you reach one of the three entrances of the silos, the battle will shift to a close quarters fight. Since it is most probable that the bulk of the garrison will wait inside, I strongly advise that you equip your men with close-range weapons, such as submachine guns or shotguns. Be advised, however, that these soldiers will probably be well equipped for indoor fighting, and may be wearing body armor. Because of this, you may have to fire additional rounds on your targets to make sure they stay down. Since mobility isn?t really an issue, your men should be wearing some armor as well. Remember that they won?t save you from any serious caliber round though, nor will they stop a couple of shotgun blasts, so don?t rely on them.

Intelligence pictures :
Study these pictures to familiarize yourself with the objective




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