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Mission Briefing: Mostar

Mission: Mostar

Overview: A blackhawk on a routine mission was shot down by a small rebel faction of Croats using a shoulder fired surface to air missle . The bad news is that both pilots and the rest of the crew are dead. The really bad news is that there is classified material on the downed blackhawk that must be destroyed before it falls in the wrong hands. If discovered, the information on that chopper could escalate tensions in the region to levels surpassing those in 1992.


Battle Plan: To insure its destruction, your team's mission is to hold the crash site long enough to uplink GPS coordinates for an air strike. Due to lasting tension in the region and the apparent destruction of the homing beacon on the blackhawk, intel is sketchy as to exactly where the chopper has actually gone down. We do have initial reports from the other blackhawk pilots in the squadron who were accompanying the downed chopper that indicate four different possible locations. Once on the ground you should be able to use the smoke billowing from the downed chopper to locate it. Depending on the circumstances, you will be inserted either by blackhawk or by taking zodiacs going down the Neretva river.

According to recent intel, enemy positions have been constantly changing. Roving patrols can come from almost anywhere, even the local Mosque . From what we have gathered, they don't know at this point that there is sensitive material on board the downed bird. Your presence there might alert them to that fact however, so if you're detected you might face heavy resistance. You must hold the crash site for 40 seconds to uplink GPS coordinates to the fast movers. Once you've held it your exit vector will arrive in about 4 minutes. Be forewarned, however, if the chopper is downed in the river as one report indicates, extract will be on bridge as we most likely can't get low enough for a river extract. It would be too risky for your crew and the exit bird's. If this is the case, it might be beneficial to have members of your squad secure and protect this bridge while the others upload the GPS coordinates.

You must have at least 50% of your squad at the extract in order to leave. Those that might be left behind know the risks and should be able to make it to a safe zone directly north along the river in Jablanica. However due to recent media flak, the higher-ups don't want more than 50% of the survivors left behind. The flight crew have strict instructions to not leave unless you have at least half of your men with you. If there are stragglers, go help them.

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