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Mission Briefing: Atoll

Mission: Atoll

Overview: Your squad is being inserted onto this remote atoll in the Pacific at dawn. Your mission is to capture a highly classified CD that contains U.S. nuclear secrets. Reports show that the briefcase containing the CD is on the helipad waiting to be picked up by chopper later in the morning. Because of its vulnerability, more enemy troops are in the area, but this is our best opportunity yet to acquire the data.

Battle Plan: You are to launch three zodiacs from our ship and proceed to the atoll's northern island. Once you land, make your way south towards the helipad. There are a few different routes you may use. You can ford the small channel between the uninhabited island and the native monoliths to make your way around the Installation towards the objective. We believe there is a tunnel system used for storage in the hill between the native monoliths and the Installation that you can use for your advance. You may also swim to any other part of the atoll. Swimming might allow you to get closer to the objective without being noticed, but remember that you are very vulnerable underwater. Not only will you tire quickly, but your weapons will not function while submerged. Don't forget that you would be an easy target if you are spotted while swimming; as you can't move quickly and there is little to no cover available. The enemy's barracks are located on the opposite side of the lagoon from your landing zone, but we expect that most of the defenders are in the Installation in preparation for the pickup later in the morning. You might want to take advantage of the native huts on the western part of the atoll, as they provide a decent view of the Installation. Once you capture the CD, proceed to any zodiac that is in the water. Our aerial photos show one enemy zodiac ready to launch on their dock, but do not rely on that one alone as they might have moved it by the time you arrive.

Intel: A reconnaissance chopper was able to snap these pictures to give you an idea of the atoll's layout. Commit these pictures to memory as they will be invaluable to your survival once you come under fire.

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