We beat the others by not leading 'em so much.
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Mission Briefing: A City Block Mission:  Road to Kandahar
Overview: You are part of a tribal force working for a powerful and well-financed warlord in western Afghanistan. A NATO convoy traveling on the main road to Kandahar has been struck by a coordinated ambush consisting of two road mines and a small band of attackers wielding small arms. The convoy was disabled, but the attackers were outnumbered and all were killed in the ensuing fire fight. Fearing an attack from a larger force encamped near a cave not far away, a chinook helicopter was scrambled to extract the surviving NATO troops. In their haste they left behind classified data detailing NATO plans for the rebuilding of the Afghan national army. Such information would be a major boon for your leader. As it would be for a rival warlord, to whom the forces encamped in the nearby cave just happen to belong...

Battle Plan: Your force is to be inserted via helicopter just over a ridge a half-kilometer northeast of the road. You are to proceed to the back of the stricken convoy where the 5-ton trucks were stranded. It is believed the classified data was being transported in one of these trucks, and an advance scout reports seeing several crates strewn along the road next to a burning truck. With any luck the data will be found there. The rival warlord has this intelligence as well, so expect his tribal forces to be heading there too, and expect them to be hostile. Your instructions are to do whatever you have to do to defend yourself, and secure the data for your side. Our scouts also report a couple vehicles left idling along the road ahead of the convoy. It appears they belonged to the attackers who were killed by the NATO troops, so once you have secured the NATO data, you are to make your way up the road to these vehicles and use them to extract.

Intel:  NATO is well aware of the data it left behind. To ensure it isn’t compromised before they can retrieve it themselves they’re having F-16s fly sorties over the area, bombarding the grounds with cluster bombs. Keep an eye out for contrails on the horizon, as the early warning they provide may give you enough time to seek cover in one of four bomb shelters found in the area. Constructed years ago by mujahideen fighters seeking safety from Soviet bombardment, you’ll be out of the air strikes’ reach in those. You can also seek cover, though not as safely, in one of two long systems of trenches dug along the slopes on both sides of the road. If you’re caught out in the open during a bombardment, you’ll need all the luck you can get.  The other major hazard you’ll have to deal with are enemy snipers. The arid terrain is broken up by large rock formations which snipers can and will use to gain a good vantage point. Stay near cover when you can, and save your strength for sprints across open spaces. This is an extremely hazardous mission soldier, you’ll need some very sharp eyes if you want to survive, let alone succeed.
Good luck!

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