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Mission Briefing: Arab Outpost

Mission:  Arab Outpost

Overview: You and your team are going to be inserted into a small village via Blackhawks into the target zone.  Your insertion point will be covered by gunners who will remain in the Blackhawk while you complete the objective.  Your objective is the field unit laptop located near the enemy barracks. Your mission is to make your way to the laptop and secure the data CD.  Once you have captured the CD, you must backtrack to the extraction point which is just east of the insertion point. It will be marked by a red M-18 flare. Here is an aerial image of the area:  


Battle Plan: There are multiple routes that you will be able to use as you make your way towards the objective. Your enemy has set up numerous defensive positions. Their reinforcements will arrive from two barracks underneath the target building. One is below ground level and has two exits. The first exit leads onto the Parade Grounds and the other leads to the North Gate. The other barracks is directly above this and also exits to the North Gate. Keep your distance from these barracks as they are covered by skilled snipers.



Attack route Alpha will lead you down main street towards the objective. Beware, as defenders may be in the tower watching over main street. There is a hole in the wall directly South of the tower that you may also use to reach the objective. Heading east from the insertion point will take you through attack route Bravo. You will be able to circumvent most of the enemy's defense points by taking this route which will go through the suburbs. This route will lead you to an overlook of the Parade Grounds and a clear view of the objective. Attack route Charlie is north of the insertion point. Follow the tunnel that leads to the old market place. Proceed with extreme caution as the enemy barracks are located near this area.

This is your enemy. We are unsure how many troops are stationed there, but expect heavy resistance. They will be heavily armed and may have placed claymores in the area, so proceed with caution!

Here are some reconnaissance photos showing possible enemy locations. Remember that the enemy may be anywhere, even near the insertion point. You will be in hostile territory the entire time, so don't let your guard down!

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