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Mission Briefing: A City Block

Mission:  A City Block

We've just received a report that hostiles are planning an attack on our position. I believe they are after the CD in a laptop located in the south-east corner of the second floor of our warehouse. The infiltrators are arriving by hummer and an APC. Your condo is south of them. You can exit the condo through the front door and cross the street to the warehouse or go downstairs through the parking garage which leads to the same street.

Battle Plan: It is imperative that you cover all entrances to the warehouse, including the windows, as the attackers may attempt to break in through the windows to avoid detection. Even though the upper floor to the warehouse is protected by keypads, this will not prevent them from getting in, only slow them down if they get that far. Remember to take advantage of all the unlocked buildings. Depending on the location, you can cover portions of the area from not only the windows, but from the rooftops as well. Keep in mind that the enemy may also be using the rooftops in an attempt to take you out. They will probably split up into small groups; some of them taking the different alleys, and others coming straight up Main Street. Be sure you choose your weapons wisely. In this area you will come into contact with the enemy at various ranges, and you may want to bring along a flashlight. I advise you to keep your distance from their vehicles, as I assume they left men behind to protect their escape. We expect the attackers to be dressed in black camouflage, so keep your eyes peeled.

Intel: Here are some pictures taken from previous patrols of our area. Make good use of them to plan your defense.

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Good luck!


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