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Along with the 2.9 release, we have included an Infiltration Quick Menu that was designed to supplement the in-game menu system by allowing you to tweak your settings and maximize the game play experience. With this menu system you can easily adjust your video, audio, and performance settings before the game even starts. Also, you can start a dedicated server from this menu interface without even loading the game at all. This section of the manual will quickly go over the various capabilities of the Quick Menu in detail.

The Main Menu

The main menu gives you a variety of options to start with. If you install Infiltration from the Setup.EXE package, you should be ready to jump into the game through this menu right away. However, part of the flexibility of the Quick Menu is knowing the location of the following files:

  • Infiltration.EXE
  • Infiltration.INI
  • InfiltrationUser.INI

So, if you installed 2.9 in any other way, or the Setup.EXE package wasn't able to find the aforementioned files, you will see the following screen on the main menu.

The first option at the top is "Set Location". If you see this, click the option and you will be taken to the Game Settings screen where you can enter the proper path locations. More on this in the appropriate Game Settings section.

If you installed 2.9 with the Setup.EXE, it's likely you will see this menu screen instead.

Now the first option at the top says "Play Infiltration". If you click this, you will automatically jump right into the game with all the current settings in place.

There are other options on the main menu, and here is a short description of each.

Options- This option will take you to the Options menu where you can set up various things like Video, Audio, and Performance settings.

View Online Manual- This option will open up the Online Manual which you are reading now, making the Inf development team very happy.

Additional Maps and Accessories- Clicking here will send you to our other favorite website, Real Maps where you can get a plethora of additional maps, textures, tutorials, prefabs, and map reviews. All content this website provides is straight from the Infiltration community.

Infiltration Online Website- This option will point your browser to Infiltration Online, your resource for all the details about the happenings in the online community, from instructions on setting up an Inf server to available servers.

Infiltration Official Website- Here you will find all the latest news regarding Infiltration and it's community. Downloads for the latest versions, Frequently Asked Questions from both the community and developers, screenshots of Infiltration in action, links to supporting websites, our very own Infiltration Community Development section, and a host of other goodies.

Infiltration Forums- Here you can get caught up day to day on the latest community developments, ideas, concerns, troubleshooting, and our infamous Off Topic section.



The Options Menu

The first thing you should notice in this menu is the Game Settings option. To the left of this you will see text that will display either "Setup" or "Not Setup". This indicator lets you know whether or not the files mentioned above are set up properly so your Quick Menu knows what information to change and how to run Infiltration. When this indicator displays "Not Setup", you can not view the other option screens. Once you set up your information in the Game Settings menu, all of the remaining options will become unlocked.

Here is a short description of the remaining options.

Video Settings- In this menu, you can adjust your various video settings. There is also an Advanced settings menu that will let you fine tune your graphics display within Infiltration to maximize your viewing pleasure, depending on the driver type you choose from. The advantage of this Quick Menu is if you set something here that causes Infiltration not to display properly, you can always change it back without having to get into the game.

Audio Settings- This menu provides a small handful of audio options.

Server Settings- Here you can adjust the details of your server. Within this menu is a Dedicated Server menu where you can launch your dedicated server without the need to load Infiltration at all.

Performance Settings- This menu will allow you to adjust a few game-related performance options to help make Infiltration run as smooth as possible. Combined with the Video menu, you should have little trouble getting Infiltration to run properly.

Quick Menu Settings- Here you can simply turn on or off the menu music.



The Game Settings Menu

This menu screen is where you can tell the Quick Menu the location of those three important files. One advantage of this screen is you can use a different INI file to actually play the game with by simply pointing it to another location. The options in this menu are described below.

The top three options are where you can manually set the location of those three important files. Below these options is a selection to Auto Detect Paths. Choosing this will search the same directory where the Quick Menu is located for the files it needs. If it can not find them, you will have to find the files manually instead.

Below this is the option to let the Quick Menu know that your Unreal Tournament CD has to be in your CD-Rom drive in order for UT to run. This is important, because Infiltration still requires Unreal Tournament to run, and if you did not do a full install of UT on your hard drive, you must set this option. Infiltration will not run properly otherwise. If you set this option to True, a CD Path option will then appear below it.



The Video Settings Menu

The main Video Settings menu allows you to alter the general settings for your video interface with regards to Infiltration. Here is a short description of each option

Video Render- Choose between OpenGL, Direct3D, Glide, and Software modes. The default is Software.

Resolution- Here you can choose between four optional screen sizes based on the capabilities of your monitor and graphics board.

Color- Set up either 16 or 32 color bits depending on the capabilities of your graphics board.

Full Screen- Decide whether to run Infiltration at full screen or windowed mode.

World Detail- Set whether the world texture detail is high, medium, or low, which will effect Infiltration performance.

Skin Detail- Set whether model skin texture detail is high, medium, or low, which will effect Infiltration performance.

No Dynamic Lighting- Set whether or not dynamic lighting will be used in maps that make use of them, which will effect Infiltration performance.

Decals- Decide whether or not you want to see things like bullet holes or blood splatter, which will effect Infiltration performance.

More Video Options- This will open up a new menu that will allow you to fine-tune a variety of video options based on the the Video Render you choose. Alter these options at your own risk. These settings will alter the balance of performance vs. image quality based on your monitor and graphics board capabilities.



The Audio Settings Menu

The four options in this menu are explained below.

Hardware Sound- This option will apply hardware sound to Infiltration, which will effect performance based on the capabilities of your sound card and your system.

Surround Sound- Make use of this option if your hardware is set up for surround sound.

Low Sound Quality- If activated sound quality will change, giving a slight boost in performance.

Audio Channels- Cycle through the options to choose how many audio channels your sound card is capable of supporting.



The Server Settings Menu

This menu contains a variety of settings which will allow you to set up the details of your server. For more information on running an Infiltration server, be sure to visit Infiltration Online. Here we will explain a couple of important options.

WWW Remote Admin- This will let you (or anyone who you give access) to run your server using your favorite browser. With Infiltration's unique remote admin, you can set everything up the way you want it, change game modes, alter map lists, etc.

Minimum Players- If you want the fill your server with bots when there aren't enough players available, set this option to designate how many "players" must be on the server at all times. When humans aren't present, bots will replace them.

Dedicated Server Menu- This will open up a new menu where you can launch a dedicated server without having to load Infiltration first. It includes a few options where you can set the map you want to start with, the main INI and User INI files to read from, and the directory where your UnrealTournament\System path is located.

Note: In order to launch a dedicated server, those options must be filled in first.



The Performance Settings Menu

Infiltration pushes the limits of the Unreal Tournament engine in a variety of ways which may cause your system to slow down, depending on what kind of hardware you are running. Because of this, we have provided a handful of performance options.

Carcass Lifespan- Every dead soldier turns into a carcass in game. This value will allow you to set how long those carcasses remain in the battlefield in seconds. NOTE: For online play, this option must be set on the server for it to effect the clients.

Shell Casing Lifespan- Each projectile firing weapon in Infiltration produces a shell casing. These casings add a lot of atmosphere to a game, but can become a bottleneck for performance if too many appear on your screen at once. This option will allow you to set how long those shell casings remain on the battlefield in seconds. NOTE: For online play, shell casings will remain for as long as the client has them set on his or her individual system.

Weapon Lifespan- Any weapon dropped or tossed on the battlefield will remain for as long as this option is set, in seconds. NOTE: For online play, this option must be set on the server for it to effect the clients.

Disable Relevancy and Leaning- This is an important performance option to take note of. It effects two different systems, but both are tied together during online play. Relevancy for this option refers to whether or not all player locations will be "known" by each client at all times. This can cause increased lag online due to the excess of information passing between client and server. Due to the way Unreal Tournament handles how players are visible online, someone can become invisible whenever the waist area is covered. So if a player were to lean out from behind an object, he could see everyone else, but they can't see him. The same problem occurs if he were to stand behind a window where his waist is covered. The only solution is to force all players to be visible all the time, which causes a slight increase in lag. Therefore, we've allowed the server to decide whether or not to have the increased online performance or the better game play.

Note: we cannot change the actual engine code in relation to how relevancy is handled online, so this option is as far as we're able to go.