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Infiltration REQUIRES UT Patch 436!

This manual is for Infiltration version 2.9. If you have an older version installed you should uninstall it following the standard uninstall procedures. However 2.9 can be installed properly over any previous install even if a clean UT install is preferred.

There are two general methods to getting Infiltration 2.9 up and running on your system. It involves installing Infiltration into its own directory within your Unreal Tournament installation. This is preferred simply because of its ease of install and uninstall, and the fewer chances for problems during its many hours of operation.

The first installation option makes use of a simple Setup.EXE file that will install everything without the worry of UMOD formats working with your system. This is undoubtedly the easiest method to get Infiltration up and running quickly...

The second installation option we offer is a manual version, for those times when the Setup.EXE won't work for you. Using this method, you must uncompress the files into the proper path presets.  

All of these options are split into subsections.  Simply choose your method of installation below:


Make sure you're at least running UT patch 436 for all operating systems. If you need to get the 436 patch or you're having problems running D3D or OpenGL with the 436 patch, be sure to visit

Infiltration 2.9 is available for download in several formats and packages:

  • Full Install (2.9 + Official Maps)
  • 2.9 Game core only
  • Official Maps
  • Community Map pack from TbuildT

Each is available in Setup.exe and Manual Install (zip).

They can all be found in our Downloads Section.

Installing the Setup EXE:
For those who downloaded the full Setup EXE version, open the Setup.EXE file.

Follow the Setup instructions to complete the installation.  Make sure you install directly to your Unreal Tournament directory.

This entire operation will create a new Infiltration directory structure within your Unreal Tournament directory. This will separate all Infiltration files, yet still allow it to find Unreal Tournament as Infiltration will need to interact with the UT engine in order to run.

Once the installation is finished, start Infiltration using the provided shortcut. For Windows users, you can find it in your Start menu under Sentry Studios >> Infiltration.  Skip to the section entitled Getting Infiltration Up and Running for more information.

That's all there is to it! This will ensure a clean, easy to use installation of Infiltration.

Due to the high number of changes between 2.86 and 2.9 we have to overwrite your existing .ini files to ensure that INF 2.9 will work properly. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to adjust your key bindings, loadouts, and bot teams again but there is no other way for a clean update to the new version. Please do not try to use your old .ini files as they will probably not work properly anymore and could adversely affect Infiltration, possibly causing it not to run at all.


Installing the Manual Zip Files:
After downloading the manual zip, open it up with your favorite unzip program.  You will be presented with a complete list of files that need to be extracted.   You should notice that these files build up their own directory structure.


You must extract these files to your UnrealTournament directory.  (For example, C:\Games\UnrealTournament)  If you have to do them individually, you can see which subdirectories they will need to be placed in manually.

Due to the high number of changes between 2.86 and 2.9 we have to overwrite your existing .ini files to ensure that INF 2.9 will work properly. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to adjust your key bindings, loadouts, and bot teams again but there is no other way for a clean update to the new version. Please do not try to use your old .ini files as they will probably not work properly anymore and could adversely effect Infiltration, possibly causing it not to run at all.


Installing the Official Map Pack:

The Offiical Map Pack includes every map, texture and sound file created by the Infiltration development team that is officially supported. That includes a total of 47 official maps.

Many of the textures in our map packs are courtesy of Marlin Studios, Geezer Studios, or otherwise copyright Sentry Studios.  As such, the individual textures cannot be exported and distributed on the internet or through any other means without proper permission from the respective authors.

Installing the Desert Storm Map Pack:

The Desert Storm map pack is a collection of quality maps with a Middle Eastern theme. The maps were created by a talented group in the community known as TbuildT.  All of these maps are also geared towards our new game modes as well.  This map pack is provided as a separate download in Setup.EXE and manual zip formats.

The unique textures, sounds, models, and maps provided in the Desert Storm map pack are copyright of the TbuildT team.  Everything else is copyright Sentry Studios.



Installing For Linux:


Installation Steps:

  1. Remove any remnants of a previous Infiltration installation. It is recommended to start with a clean Unreal Tournament installation to be sure. Then change to your Unreal Tournament installation path (usually /usr/local/games/ut) and extract Infiltration 2.9:

    cd /usr/local/games/ut
    tar zxvf /path/to/infiltration290.tar.gz

    The procedure should not ask you to overwrite any files, but if it does, it should be safe to say yes. Use your best judgement.

  2. Erase any previous Infiltration inis from your personal configuration directory, located at ~yourusername/.loki/ut/System.

  3. The settings should match the lowest common denominator, so it works "out of the box." However, if you are having problems starting Infiltration, edit the Infiltration.ini file so that it is using the appropriate rendering device for your system. Instructions for doing this are included with the Unreal Tournament v436 distribution. It should also have your preferred bit depth setting. This must match XFree's bit setting; you can't run Infiltration in 32 bit mode if X is running in 16 bit mode, nor can you run Infiltration in 16 bit mode if XFree is in 24 bit mode.

    If you are experiencing problems with ugly textures in 16 bit mode, try increasing the ColorBits values to 32. You will need to set XFree's color depth to 24 bit to do this.

    You can increase your mouse speed by altering the MouseX=Axis aMouseX Speed=NewValue and the MouseY=Axis aMouseY Speed=NewValue settings in the InfiltrationUser.ini as the default seems slow for many Linux users.

  4. Finally, there are Infiltration startup scripts that come with Infiltration called 'infiltration' and 'infserver'. If you did not install Unreal Tournament to /usr/local/games/ut, you will need to edit these to set your UTDIR value. You can then copy them into /usr/local/bin or wherever suits your fancy. Example:

    cp /usr/local/games/ut/infiltration /usr/local/bin/infiltration
    cp /usr/local/games/ut/infserver /usr/local/bin/infserver
    chmod +x /usr/local/bin/infiltration /usr/local/bin/infserver

That's all there is to it! Now get infiltrating!

(Special thanks to Paul "ghostdaemon" Richards for the Linux info)



Installing For Mac:


* You must have either UT: Game of The Year eddition or the original Unreal Tournament with the 436 Patch for Macintosh installed before installing Infiltration.
    - If you are on OS X, you must restart into OS9 to install the 436 patch. It WILL NOT work in classic mode.


Known Mac issues:

* Music does not play
* Some sounds do not play in OS9
* The installer may get confused if your main partition or hard drive does not have enough space for the install, even if that is not the install destination.

Sentry Studios gives a tremendous thanks to C.J. Zinngrabe for creating all the Mac installer.



Your Infiltration Shortcut:

It is required to run Infiltration through the included shortcut.  For Windows users, one will be placed in your Start menu automatically with the Setup install.

If you did NOT install Infiltration with the Setup EXE, you must edit the shortcut file manually.  Updating your required Infiltration shortcut is quick and easy.  Just follow these steps and you won't have any problems.  Remember, Infiltration requires UT patch 436 or better!

Go into your \UnrealTournament\System directory, right click the Infiltration.lnk shortcut and choose "Properties".

Now edit the path of the file in the Target location. Example:
C:\UnrealTournament\System\Infiltration.exe entry.unr INI=Infiltration.ini USERINI=InfiltrationUser.ini 


Setting Up Your System:

Making it easy...

Infiltration 2.9 now comes with a handy Quick Menu launcher package that will allow you to launch Infiltration, alter the hardware settings, or start a dedicated server prior to actually loading the game.  This menu interface can be very useful for not only getting Infiltration running the way you want it the first time, but if a hardware configuration setting doesn't allow Infiltration to run properly, you can make changes easily and quickly.  Not only that, but the Quick Menu allows you to make advanced adjustments that aren't available within the game.  See the appropriate Quick Menu manual pages for more information.

However, if you need to make changes to the rendering device after installation, you can either do so from within the game or manually as well.

From inside the game, setting up your video renderer and resolution is no different than Unreal Tournament.  To change the renderer, move your cursor to the System submenu and choose Video. From there, choose Change.  This will allow you to close Infiltration and let you choose another renderer similar to how UT works.  It may appear as if Unreal Tournament is reloading, but you will go back into Infiltration.  Once you return to the menu, go back to the Video menu again and choose the resolution, colors, and detail settings to your liking.

If you'd rather do it manually, you can by going into your UnrealTournament\System directory and open up the file Infiltration.ini.  Find the following section:


change the "GameRenderDevice=" line to either:

GameRenderDevice=OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice for OpenGL

GameRenderDevice=GlideDrv.GlideRenderDevice for Glide

To manually change your screen resolution, open up your Infiltration.ini file and scroll down until you find this section:


Change the FullscreenViewportX and Y settings to either 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024 and you should be set!



For 2.9, Windows users who installed using the Setup.EXE can go into your Start Menu and choose to Uninstall Infiltration from there.

To uninstall manually for other operating systems, go into your UnrealTournament directory and remove all files AND folders with the "INF" prefix.

Be sure not to forget the UnrealTournament\System directory for Infiltration-related files.