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The layout of the map itself is a vital part of making a successful EAS map. Due to the style of play, many things need to be taken into consideration. There are 4 elements of the map that will need to be constructed.

- capture/objective point
- extraction point
- attackers spawn point
- defenders spawn point

Placement of these four elements impacts greatly on the way the map will play.

View example layout.

Spawn Points: Each team should have a designated spawning area. It's best to keep teammates close to each other when spawning to make team play easier. Where possible, ensure that a number of players are seen from any given spawn so that players don't spawn all alone.

The actual construction of each team's spawn point is best made in an area out of view of the enemy and in an area that the enemy cannot enter. Protection from snipers and grenades is also another factor that needs to be taken into consideration as situations where one team will beat the other back into their spawn area can occur.

Making spawn points as a kind of base which is easy to defend is recommended. In order to make this easier we have created a defensive sniper class.

Capture/Objective Point: This is where the main objective of the attackers lies. Placement depends on how you wish the map to play. Decide if one team will have the upper hand or if the match will be evenly contested, really it all depends on the scenario you are building.

There are a number of typical situations to choose from. Attackers may move forward to capture the objective and then fall back to an extraction point. They may move forward and then past the objective or alternatively they might move into capture the objective and sit and wait for an extraction close by. This all depends on the scenario you have in mind.

Generally, the capture point should be further away from the attackers spawn than it is in relation to the defenders spawn. Defenders should be able to reach the capture point faster than the attacking enemy. This gives them time to set up claymores and man defensive positions.

Extraction Point: In order to complete the mission, the attacking player carrying the CD must move to this point. Extraction points can be set up as a number of things, a smoke flare, UH60, Humvee or alternatively a marked area that looks to be a way out.

Distances between the extraction point and capture point, as well as between the defenders spawn point and the extraction need to be heavily considered when laying out the map. Defenders should have enough time to travel from their spawn and try to stop attackers that are moving between the capture point and the extraction. All of this though is all dependant on how you want the scenario to work.