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EAS or Enhanced Assault, is the new ground-breaking game mode featured in Infiltration. It's not so much as a single game mode as it is the name for a collection of them. The EAS concept is highly flexible and as such allows mappers to create a plethora of objectives. Ranging from missions where one team simply has to capture and hold a location to more complex missions in which the team has to get a specific member to an object, retreat to a point and hold out until extracted all the while keeping their key member alive.

This gametype follows a new set of rules to those seen in previous versions of Infiltration. Teams are divided into attackers and defenders. Both teams are given a list of objectives at the beginning of each round which differs from map to map.

Attackers: In the basic scenario attackers will be set the task of capturing a CD from a laptop, somewhere in the map. They will then be required to move to an extraction point.

Defenders: As simple as it sounds, defenders are required only to stop the attackers from completing their objectives. There may however be other objectives given to them that will assist them in doing so.

Reinforcements will arrive periodically during the course of the match. Players will respawn in waves until either the reinforcement pool runs out or the attackers complete their objectives (note: if reinforcements are set to zero then no further reinforcements will be available).

This guide will explain how to set up a basic EAS map, explaining everything from map layout to the settings you will need to make your EAS map work as it should.